The car is capable of some serious times-7.40s at almost 190 mph! All unnecessary weight was removed to get it down to a 3050-pound scale reading. This includes windows, the interior except for a single A-100 truck driver's seat with modern Simpson belts, and a liberal application of fiberglass parts. To make sure it stays safe, a 14-point cage is now in the car as well. Kyle Strauss did the interior tinwork while Chris Lampton at Junior's Body Shop is responsible for the bodywork and paint. Once completed, John Shepard of Kenosha, Wisconsin, applied the lettering using gold leaf. The crowning touch is the special aluminized suit that Kohlmann wears, complete with charcoal-type filters and silver gloves.

Norm Krause's Grand-Spaulding Dodge has been closed for many years, but Norm personally gave Brian permission to use the fabled ram on the door. Sponsoring the car today is another car dealership, Belle Dodge in Racine, Wisconsin, as well as Racine Harley-Davidson, Radir Wheels, and Cost Cutter Family Hair Care. Also helping are Crane Cams, Dynamic Converters, and Mancini Racing. Brian found a great supporter for the project in race artist Joel Naprstek, who did research to ensure the car retained its period appearance as well as artist renderings that helped garner the sponsor support. Help at the track comes from Joel and friends Keith and Jeff Townsend.

There is a saying that you can't go back to the past. Like Dyer was at the end of his tour with the ex-Lindamood car, Brian Kohlmann is the titleholder of the World's Quickest '65 Dodge. However, it is unlikely that Kohlmann's efforts with this barnstormer will ever be superseded.

Body: 1965 vintage Dodge
Fiberglass: Doors, front end, bumpers, decklid
Interior: Single 1965 vintage A-100 pickup seat
Gauges: AutoMeter and 1965 Moroso tach
Bodywork/Paint: Chris Lampton
Colors: Top secret DuPont mix
Lettering: 23K gold leaf by John Shepard
Engine: KB 426 Hemi aluminum
Crank: Bryant
Rods: Brooks
Pistons: 8.8:1 Arias
Heads: Brad Anderson
Blower: 6-71 Littlefield
Injector: Modified Hilborn
Transmission: Bruno/Lenco
Rear: 3.70 1965 Dana 60
Best ET: 7.40 seconds
Best MPH: 187 mph
Special Thanks: Joel Naprstek, Mr. Norm Krause