"No, I don't want your money. I told you the car is yours, and I don't care how long it takes you. When you get the money, the car will be sitting here."

Every time John could get some money together, he gave it to Speedy, who kept a little piece of paper in his desk drawer. He'd write down how much John gave him.

After a year and ten months, John paid off the car. Over that period, the value of Hemi Mopars climbed rapidly, but Speedy never backed out of his deal or squawked that he needed more money.

John brought the car home and in his ten years of ownership has driven it only 350 miles and left it pretty much unrestored. Speedy had sprayed an oil based preservative on the engine and undercarriage, which kept the car rust free and in good condition.

Apparently, the first dealer pulled the original rear stripes, so John bought a replacement set and put them on himself. The original tires dry rotted. The negative battery cable has been replaced. During one long storage term, mice chewed through the original headliner.

Otherwise, this Charger 500 with Super Performance Axle Package and 4.10:1 Dana rearend, is probably the lowest mileage example left on the planet. It's a rolling time capsule of originality. Inside, the red upholstery, dash, and carpet are nearly mint. The paint is original and looks beautiful.

Speedy Greco passed away a couple years after John bought the car. John's life has really been touched by Speedy because of his honesty, friendship, and the opportunity to own this very special Hemi Charger.