Most of the corrective surgery took place in Scott's well-equipped garage, with the car stripped down to its unibody shell. Carl Miller and Kevin Zavitz helped out with body work, necessary welding was handled by Rob Slager, and then Zavitz once again got the nod to spray on the PPG Concept urethane finish. Meanwhile, a correctly date-coded 340 was acquired and sent to K&K Performance in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, for a stock rebuild, save for a Mopar Performance 284-degree cam.

Finally, on June 19, 1999, the open-air E-Body hit the road under its own power for the first time in nearly 21 years. Two old adages might apply here: "Twice lucky" and "better late than never."

Key SourcesEven if you restore most of your Mopar's magnificence in your own garage and buy a lot of parts at swap meets, as was the case with Scott, certain vendors and service shops will end up being indispensable to the end result. Here are some that Scott turned to in revitalizing his ragtop.

"Gene was the first supplier for Year One here in Canada...then you don't have the hassles with the border, and the duties, and any kind of brokerage or anything. He does a good job; if he says it'll be there on Friday, it will." Gene told us, "We're now Year One's number one distributor, worldwide."

Gene Heins, Mr. C's., Dept. MPRM, Box 571, Virgil, Ontario, Canada L0S 1T0; Telephone & Fax: (905) 468-0719. E-mail:

"Derek's good; he'll take the time..." According to Derek, "We attempt and take the time to locate the part numbers our Canadian customers need. Much of the 'heavy iron' stuff is gone and guys like Scott appreciate it when we go the extra mile."

Derek Foster, Woodstock Chrysler /Jeep, Dept. MPRM, 33 Wilson Street, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada N4S 3N6; (519) 537-6254.

"I had him put the motor together. He's a Mopar guy; he's always been a Dodge guy."

Kevin Wicke, K&K Racing & Performance, Dept. MPRM, 33 Scott St., Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A-6S4; (519) 271-9378.