Between July 25 and August 6, Phil and Jose at Glorified Autobody worked to sand and repaint the Challenger with a fresh coat of Lime Green. That was finished the Sunday before the Nationals. On Monday the car developed an injector problem, requiring an upgrade to 24-pound injectors and all new wiring. That was finished at 9 p.m., but then the check-engine light came on. Phil hit the sack at 6:30 a.m. and was up two hours later, heading for Chapman Dodge to get a DRB2 test. With those results in hand it was off to Fastway, where the injection and timing was tweaked to correct the problem. By 6:00 the Challenger was back in the detail booth, and by 8:30 p.m. it was Mopar Nationals or bust.

Because of the delay in heading out the door, Phil had to break his second promise of not putting the car on a trailer in order to go to a car show. Oh well. Phil made up for the trailer time by screaming through the Columbus area in the Challenger during the big Mopar Nats blow-out. He even scored a Second Place win in the E-Body modified class.

"My brother Kelly has been on my butt for over 12 years about not driving my projects," says Phil. "Now he has nothing to complain about. I can roast the hides like he can in his pro-street Road Runner, and I can cruise down the freeway like he can in his '68 GTX. I can do both without having two cars. Plus, I have fuel injection, programmable computer electronics, and cold A/C. I hope he doesn't try to one-up me on this one."

And how does Phil characterize his 5.9L beast?"No date codes, no paint dabs, and especially no matching numbers. Best way to describe it is 'one of none,' and proud of it!"