A Vintage Air heat and air conditioning unit was installed in the original heater box location. The compressor was mounted below the alternator with the lines, made by Tubes and Hoses in Janesville, Wisconsin, hidden in the right-front wheel well.

Stopping the red car in our mod squad are front disc brakes from Master Power Brakes with the rear utilizing 11-inch drums. Bill's Special T's Unlimited of Prospect Heights, Illinois, restored all of the aluminum trim and the dash bezels. A high school friend and artist, Roger Foss of Foss Signs in Beloit, Illinois, repainted all the red/white/blue accents on the trim. So, after approximately 3,000 hours and ten months of labor, he was driving, not trailering, the roarin' '64 from Wisconsin to Columbus, Ohio, for the 2001 Mopar Nats.

This pair of beasts represents the higher end of the hobby; the time, effort, and money are evident from every angle. On the other hand, the ideas that make them stand out from the crowd can also be applied to any project you might be contemplating. Think about it.