On the inside, Rory painstakingly restored the interior. Not only did he apply new black vinyl to the seats (buckets in the front), he also sandblasted and powdercoated all the seats' innards. Legendary supplied the vinyl and the black carpet. The car didn't come with factory air, but Vintage Air supplied the kit to change that. Rory sent the dash cluster to Performance Car Graphics.

For Rory, the friendship developed with Tim during the restoration was as valuable as the product itself. "He wasn't my first choice because his shop was way out in the boonies, and I didn't know what I was getting into," Rory says. "I was the first customer he had done this kind of work for, but I couldn't have found a better guy. He goes to all the shows with me now and even preps the car."

The first time Rory took the Charger to a show was at the '02 Mopar Nationals. "My brother, Randy, and I went just to have fun and enjoy the car," Rory says. "We entered it in the Dodge Street class just to see what would happen. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect something as prestigious as the Paddock's Pick. [The Paddock] treated us like royalty. We were speechless."

Royalty or not, Rory doesn't treat his Charger with kid gloves; he drives it hard. The first time he raced it at the '02 Nats, he logged consistent 13.80s. Since then, he changed the gear ratio from 3.23:1 to 3.55:1. He also added a rear sway bar for cruising, which is how he enjoys the car best. "I've put about 3,000 miles on it since last July," Rory says. "I take it out as much as possible on nice days. People are tickled to see it, and they always have to tell me their used to have stories."

Rory doesn't have a used to have story. This Charger is his first Mopar; although his brothers have owned several. He's already working on his second. "Even though I didn't make a lot of money, I found a way to do my [restoration], and I didn't go hungry," Rory says. "I had a theme in mind for this project, and I maintained it through to the end."