Speaking of Ron's music maker, the engine started life as a Mopar Performance 340 R-3 block that was clearanced for the rods and stroker crank. The main caps were cut, and the main journals were line-honed using a BHJ torque plate, and drilled to accept pushrod oiling. Ron spent two days in his driveway lightening the block with hand tools. A billet steel Kryptonite crankshaft by LA Enterprises displaces a 4.375-inch stroke and has 2.100-inch rod journals. The crank weighs a mere 50 pounds. The CP custom pistons are connected to the crank via Manley Pro Series lightweight rods, 6.300 inches long. The Comp Cams camshaft sports .630-inch lift and a split .262/.266 duration at .050. MP W-9 aluminum heads pull the fuel from the Barry Grant Race Demon carb through an MP intake matching the W-9 heads. Total compression ratio is a streetable 11.5:1. An MSD billet aluminum distributor, an MSD crank trigger with a shielded pickup wire, and an MSD digital 6 ignition control provide the spark. Timing is locked at 29 degrees total. To enhance traction, Ron sometimes uses a 12-volt DC analog adjustable timer to pull out 9.9 degrees of timing from the engine during launch via the digital 6. The final product displaces 474 ci.

When it came time for headers, Ron faced a dilemma-nobody made headers for a W-9-headed A-Body Mopar. His solution: build them himself in his garage. He began by getting all the necessary pieces from Specialty Designed Products in Rancho Cordova, California. The header tubes are stepped from 171/48 inches to 211/48 inches, ending at a pair of 211/48-inch to 3-inch merged collectors. Once he had the headers built, they were Jet-Hot coated. From there, the fumes pass through 3-inch Walker Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers out back.

A 904 TorqueFlite, built by Pro Trans in Lancaster, California, handles shifting duties. They filled it with a 10-inch Turbo Action torque converter, giving an approximate stall of 3,800 rpm and a Pro Trans-built reverse manual valvebody.

So what did all these parts do for Ron at an altitude of 2,400 feet during the Mopars at the Strip show in Las Vegas? The Demon turned a best time of 9.95 at 133.69 mph, and Ron had to slow the car down in order to pass tech. Keep in mind this was accomplished with a full interior, a small-block engine, and rear tires that are only 11.5 inches wide. The highway crown is claimed!