The rear spoiler also stands out on the car's body. Bill ordered many of his parts from Automotion, and the folks there recommended Ed McQuery for the spoiler build. "All I had to do was call him and tell him what car I had and the year," Bill says. "He had a template ready and ran with it. We thought about painting it red, but I didn't want it to be the first thing people see. I want them to say, 'What a great car, and look at that [spoiler],' not vice versa. It's small, but you can tell the difference [driving] with it on there. It's not just for looks."

Above all else, Bill's Dart is a driver-a street car. To get it to that condition required some extensive suspension work. First, Bill and his experienced friend, Mitt Padgett, tubbed the rear wheelwells. The torsion bars were taken out, and the K-member was removed and replaced with a crossmember from Richmond Performance in Richmond, Indiana. Bill needed the rear raised to accommodate the exhaust system and Borla mufflers and keep them off the pavement. Rod & Custom Motorsports supplied the Mustang II frontend, and coilovers are utilized in both the front and rear. The Dart has a rack-and-pinion steering system, and the axles are from Moser.

When finding pieces for the Dart, Bill wasn't picky about the manufacturers. He went with the part that would make the Dodge the most streetable, regardless of who produced it. The front end is from a Mustang, the differential is a Ford, the transmission is a Chevrolet, the body and engine are from Dodge, MSD supplied the ignition, and the seats are Hondas.

"The Chevy trans is different," Bill says of the 400 Turbo unit built by Tom Vetter of Spencer, Indiana. "With the seats, I went with the [Hondas] because the import seats are solid. I'm a big boy, and I needed something that wouldn't get bent out of shape."

Now, Bill says the Dart is almost done, and one piece will finish it off. "I want to put the BDS fuel injection on it," he says. "That thing is [computer] controlled, and I am into that. It'll let me lower [the blower] a little, too. After that, it will be done, except for driving it and enjoying it."