The interior still sports the factory-supplied Tuff wheel, headliner, seats, and door panels. Harden's did, however, supply the new black carpet, and the AM radio is now an AM/FM with an AM-only faceplate, so it looks original. If you look at the radio, all you see is an AM unit, but Marvin says it works fine this way.

The engine had 85,000 miles showing on the odometer when he started the resto, so he disassembled it for inspection. Marvin was tempted to install a 340 but opted instead to reinstall the little 318. Hey, it was in good shape anyway, needing only new rings, bearings, and gaskets for the short-block. The heads were given to Huelsman Automotive in Chickasaw, Ohio, for the necessary touches. The original two-barrel carb and exhaust manifolds were also recommissioned for active duty. Also, the three-speed tranny and rearend were inspected and needed only new gaskets. Finally, for rolling stock, repop Polyglas tires were installed on the factory Rallyes.

hen he first bought the car back, Marvin knew it was going to be a tough job, and he didn't know how he was going to save it. "I came real close to backing out," Marvin tells us. "I had even purchased a good '73 body with the idea of replacing the tail section and frontend and making this car look just like my old car." But the more he thought about it, he realized it wouldn't be the same. Just to let you know, that '73 body has since been restored to look like a Duster 340, so now his Twister has a stable mate.

Some may question Marvin's devotion to a 318-powered car, but to Marvin, the idea isn't twisted at all.