"I thought a stroker would be the way to go. I contacted Ray Barton, and I decided on a 493 stroker balanced rotating assembly. Ray also had Cam Motion grind a cam to his specs. It's a mild cam, but it still sounds real good and it has huge low-end torque. The block was sent to Fowler Engines in Columbus, Ohio, for all machine work. Mark Stewart of Stewart Performance in Mineral Wells, West Virginia, built the engine. Mark specializes in Mopar truck-pulling engines and really knows his stuff."

Even though Ken has painstakingly restored this C-Body, he can still enjoy it on the road, having racked up 6,000 miles on the big ship since he's owned it.

"The 300 draws a lot of attention at car shows," Ken says, "maybe because it is so different. I hardly ever see another C-Body at local shows. The car took First Place in its class at the '03 Mopar Nats. It's a good highway cruiser that anyone could drive, but when you nail the gas, you'd better hang on. It's a real sleeper."