Jeff called on his friend Dave Kinsley for the bodywork and paint chores. Dave fixed all the rough spots and smoothed the body panels to perfection. Jeff wanted the car painted green, so he selected the boldest one ever-Sassy Grass Green. An NOS grille, marker lights, and taillight bezels were installed. On top of Dave's perfect paint went a set of black factory stripes. The finishing touch to the exterior is the black "Six Pack" hood. The interior was treated to a set of Legendary seat covers, new carpeting, and a Tuff steering wheel. The instrument panel pad was refurbished by Just Dashes. Under the instrument panel is a full complement of gauges for extra engine monitoring.

This Duster proves you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Before the five-year Duster project was completed, Jeff's son moved on to a 440-powered Sassy Grass Green '70 'Cuda given to him by his grandfather. Jeff was OK with that decision-especially after receiving a Best of Show and a Best Mopar at the first two shows to which he took the Duster.