The fun part of this hobby is actually driving the cars like in the good ol' days. after the photo shoot was completed, and the cameras, reflectors, and gear put away, the time had come to take the car out for its maiden voyage. Jim climbed in, turned the key, and the mighty 440 fired up, sounding like it was finely tuned for the drag strip. I opened the passenger-side door, slowly climbed in, and just sat there with a sizable lump in my throat. After all, I had first bought this car a quarter century ago, and now, after all these years, it was finally restored and in flawless condition. We both attached our seat belts and idled out to the highway. With the 'Cuda now on the open road without any other traffic to interfere, the throttle was mashed and all 1350 cfm of Holleys opened up, with both rear tires smoking, thanks to that factory-fitted Sure Grip rear end. It had a slightly sideways stance from the high torque of the engine, and Jim struggled to keep the powerful ride straight. The Fish sounded like it was designed from the get-go to do exactly this sort of acceleration run. Jim power-shifted to second, then third, and right about there, the speedo shot over the 100 mph mark. The 'Cuda simply screamed, just as I remembered the car, but now even quicker and more crisp. No wonder this classy 'Cuda was originally ordered as Y13 Dealer Demo Car. it makes for a rather impressive ride around the block!

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