After months of labor, the guys successfully created an altered-wheelbase Belvedere with a shorter 111-inch wheelbase, instead of the original 116-inch distance.

With the body fabrication and fitting largely completed, RJ and Bob next turned their attention to the paint and bodywork. First, they block-sanded the body until they had mirror-straight panels, and then they applied several coats of Porsche Guards Red acrylic enamel for a glistening finish.

To power this red-hot Belvedere Bob knew it would definitely need a Hemi, but he wanted something that surpassed a vintage 426's hp level. As Bob puts it, "It had to make lots of horsepower, lots of torque, run on pump gas, and, most of all, be worthy of an altered wheelbase A/FX car." So he assembled a 528 Hemi and fitted it with a set of Mopar Performance aluminum cylinder heads, .550-inch-lift Comp Cam, Wiseco 10.5:1 pistons, and a Pete Jackson geardrive. For adequate lubrication, Bob reworked a Milodon 10-quart oil pan to fit within the confines of the repositioned front K-member. To feed this thirsty powerplant plenty of precious fuel and air, Bob selected two vintage-correct Holley carburetors attached to a factory cross-ram intake manifold. Then he gave his red-hot ride a cool sound with a set of tti headers connected to a 3-inch exhaust system and Flowmaster two-chamber mufflers. For appearance, John Stangl of Precision Powder Coating in Temecula, California, applied a high-heat finish to the exhaust system.

For wheel selection, Bob insisted on a set of 15x4.5 American Torq-Thrust II rims up front and a pair of 15-inch rear steelies out back, reworked to measure 10-inches across. Since this car would need plenty of traction, Bob selected a set of Hoosier tires on all four corners, with Quick Time Drag radials mounted on the rear.

With a huge herd of horses harnessed under the hood, the Belvedere required a strong drivetrain, so in went a stout 727 TorqueFlite trans and 3,500-stall converter that spins the 4.10 Dana 60 rear axle assembly.

After more than two years of labor, the guys had the Belvedere completed, fired the 528-inch motor to life, and hit the streets. Bob tells us, "The car was absolutely worth the effort, and it drives and handles very well. With more than 700 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, this Hemi-powered B-Body will plant you hard in your seat."

But what is really commanding is the careful attention to detail throughout this Plymouth. We caught up with Bob at the Mopar Spring Fling last year in Van Nuys, California, and couldn't help but notice the car's crowd appeal. Whether it's the awesome sound of the elephant-sized Hemi or the glistening color-this is one red-hot Belvedere.