Moving to the interior of the Hammer, the console, carbon-fiber inner door-panels, and speaker box were all produced by Profinish-Proglass. Tom Duty of TD Customs in Wolcottville, Indiana, recovered the seats, headliner, and visors in red leather. Everything else on the inside was smoothed and painted in-you guessed it-retina-searing red paint. The treatment is unforgettable and stunning.

So, how does it run? We're glad you asked. Stone stock, this nearly 5,000-pound behemoth tripped the lights at 15.39 at 86 mph. As soon as the weather clears, the Express is going to the dyno for some fine-tuning. then it's off to do battle with the Chrondek. Despite limited time behind the wheel, Terry reports that it's "very happy." How happy remains to be seen, but knowing Terry, we'll bet his Li'l Red Hammer hauls more than just the mail.