Once the body was in one piece, it was prepped for paint, and then painted in January 1997. A N.O.S. vinyl top and headliner were installed, and also all the parts Mike had purchased or restored. In the spring of 1997, the Charger finally returned home. Now the final assembly could be completed.

Enter Uncle Sam. Mike received orders to report to a ship on South Padre Island, Texas. The couple rushed to get done what they could, and packed the rest in boxes and loaded it in an enclosed trailer. They put the car and trailer in a storage warehouse in Pennsylvania, where it sat unfinished for two long years.

The spring of 1999 brought about another transfer, and Mike was sent back to Grand Haven, Michigan. Now back with the car, the final touches of the resto could be done. The seats were reskinned with Legendary covers, and the final assembly was completed in July 2000.

Mike's Charger has seen its share of delays. heck, he even had to wait a couple years for his car to appear in Mopar Muscle. But you can bet Mike and Melissa are now spending as much time as possible in their Charger.