Owner: Jeff Eaton
  West Columbia, South Carolina
Body: '67 Plymouth Valiant
Color: Viper Blue
Engine: 416 stroker
  Bore: 4.100 4 inch steel crank
Ross 9.75:1 pistons
Crane solid cam .540/.560-inch lift 254/258-degrees duration @ .050
Aluminum Edelbrock heads
Edelbrock Air Gap intake with
Holley 3310 carb.
Transmission: Homemade 15¼8-inch tube headers
Rearend: 831/44 w/Sure Grip and 4.30
  Richmond gears, Moser axles
Wheels/Tires: Front: 15 x 7 ET III
  w/205/60-15 MT tires
Rear: 15 x 14 ET III
  w/31x18.50-15 MT tires