First, he replaced those stupid 3-inch lowering blocks with 111/42-inch pieces, which gave me a better stance. The small, funky Holley was replaced with a Big's Stage 5 Holley that flows 1,033 cfm. Jesse at Big's calibrated this carb specifically for my engine. Frank also had to bend up the custom 31/48-inch fuel line because nothing off-the-shelf would fit. We all know that shiny parts won't make me go any faster, but Frank insisted. He replaced my black steel valve covers with new chrome covers from Mopar Performance. my intake was taken off, bead-blasted, and just the bottom was painted per vintage NASCAR photos frank had. A Powermaster chrome alternator was added, along with a 5-inch Moroso aluminum underdrive pulley. Frank spent a week on my interior, sanding, massaging, and painting the floorpans. The exterior paint was in decent shape, and only required rubbing compound and lots of wax and elbow grease.

Today, I am happy to say I like my new owner and may even keep him around for a while. I see occasional street duty, and Frank is looking forward to trying out the new local drag strip, Mopar Drag City, in Banning, California. I'm not sure if I can handle that going straight stuff. I was built to turn, but, oh well, I'll give it a try.-MM

Fast FactsCar: '67 BelvedereEngine: 426 HemiHeads: Ported Cast-IronCamshaft: Custom "Secret grind"Crankshaft: 3.750Rods: UnknownPistons: UnknownCompression Ratio: 12.5:1Induction: Big's prepped Holley 1,033 cfmHeaders: unknown/VintageTrans: A-833 four-speedDifferential: 9-inch Ford with 3.70 gearsWheels/Tires: Front: 15x7 Cop wheels with Goodyear Eagle 255/60/25; Rear: 15x7 Cop wheels with Goodyear Eagle 255/60/25