Owner: Ron Wietholter
  Covington, Kentucky
Body: '71 Dodge Challenger
Color: PPG Rallye Red
Engine: 360ci 380hp crate engine
4.00-inch bore
Stock 3.58 stroke cast crank
9:1 Compression
MP hydraulic roller cam, 288/292-degrees of advertised duration, .501/.513-inch lift
Chrysler Magnum iron cylinder heads, with 1.925/1.625 valves
Mopar Performance M-1 single- plane intake manifold, Holley
770-cfm Street Avenger carb
Transmission: 727 automatic with Transgo
  shift kit
Rearend: 831/44-inch with Richmond 3.73 gears and Sure Grip
Wheels/Tires: Front: Budnik Mercury 5 18x7 with Toyo Proxes T1-S 225/40Z5R18 front tires; Rear: Budnik Mercury 5 18x9 with Toyo Proxes T1-S 275/40ZR18