This lightweight oddball A/FX weighs in at a meager 2,800 pounds, but can sure pack a wallop. Dan is so pleased with his new, altered Dodge that he takes it to all the shows he can, parking it next to his S/S '65 Mopar Performance Coronet. But, showing it off is only the half of it. Dan Cook races this gorgeous '65 like it was meant to be. So far his best time down the quarter has been 10.88 at 126 mph. With time, we all know that'll improve and we can't wait.

Dan attributes the success of this project to all the friends who pitched in for this effort, especially to his older brother who started him on his Mopar fascination. And to think it all started with one trip to the local drag strip as a kid many years ago..

Owner: Dan Cook
Jupiter, Florida
Body: '65 Dodge Coronet A/FX
Engine: 426ci Hemi
Cross-ram intake
Dual 770 Holleys
Stock 3.750 stroke steel
Callies crank
Wiseco 11.0:1 pistons
Mopar Performance steel heads,
Manley valves .225 intake,
.194 exhaust
Comp Cams .590/.618-inch
lift cam
Eagle connecting rods
  727 TorqueFlite automatic
  Turbo Action Cheetah manual
  Dynamic 3,800 stall torque
  Turbo Action SCS shifter
Rearend: Dana 60 with 4.10 Richmond
  Moser axles
Front: American Torq-Thrust D
15x4.5 with Moroso 29x15
Rear: American Torq-Thrust D
15x12 with M/T 10.5x29x15