The Facts
Car: '70 Plymouth Barracuda Grand Coupe
Engine: 426 Hemi, MP Aluminum heads, Weiand tunnel-ram, dual 450 Holleys, MP 495-lift cam, Ross 10.25:1 pistons
Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite, Turbo Action manual valvebody, TCI pan, and 2,400-stall B&M converter
Rearend: 831/44 with 4.10 Sure Grip
Exhaust: Hooker Headers, Super 40 mufflers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Front: Convo Pro 15x4, BFG 267-50-15; Rear: Convo Pro 15x10, BFG 325-50-15Quarter-Mile: 11.39 at 114 mph and 11.36 at 114 mph (best)

The Facts
Car: '70 Dodge Challenger
Engine: Magnum 400, MP 474-lift camshaft, Indy SR aluminum cylinder heads, ACCEL fuel injection
Transmission: six-speed Richmond manual, Pistol-Grip shifter
Rearend: 831/44 with 3.23 Sure Grip
Exhaust: tti headers, Magnaflow mufflers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Front: Boyd Coddington 17x8, Bridgestone Potenza 245-45-17; Rear: Boyd Coddington 17x911/42, Bridgestone Potenza 285-40-17Quarter-Mile: 13.40 at 107 mph and 12.93 at 106 mph (best)

The Facts
Car: '68 S/S Hemi Plymouth Barracuda
Engine: 472 Hemi, cross-ram intake, Ray Barton rods, JE pistons, solid Comp Cams camshaft, MP aluminum heads, dual Holleys
Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite automatic, Hurst shifter, 3,500-stall 10-inch converter.
Rearend: Dana 60, 4.10 gears Sure Grip
Exhaust: Hedman headers, Flowmaster mufflers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Front: Cragar 15x4, BFG 15x6; Rear: Cragar 15x10, BFG 15x13.5
Quarter-Mile: 11.58 at 118 mph and 11.37 at 118 mph (best)

The Facts
Car: '73 Plymouth Duster
Engine: 340, Crane hydraulic 467-lift cam,
Direct Connection Bracket Race heads,
Edelbrock Air-Gap intake, Edelbrock 750 carb
Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite auto, Mopar Performance valvebody
Rearend: 831/44 Sure Grip
Exhaust: Stock manifolds, Dynomax mufflers, 211/42-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Front: American Racing 15x7, Cooper Cobra 215/60/15; Rear: American Racing 15x8, Cooper Cobra 265/50/15
Quarter-Mile: 14.54 at 94 mph and 14.45 at 95 mph (best)

The Facts
Car: '69 Plymouth Road Runner
Engine: 513ci Six-Barrel, Indy cylinder heads, cross-drilled main-capped MP Mega Block, stroker 4.15 MP crank, Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam
Transmission: AMP-built 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission, Hughes 3,000-stall torque converter, Gear Vendors overdrive
Rearend: Dana 60, 4.30 Sure Grip
Exhaust: Hedman headers, Dynomax mufflers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Magnum 500 15-inch, Hoosier front runners; Rear: Magnum 500 15-inch custom width, Hoosier 15-inch 31x12.50
Quarter-Mile: 11.83 at 113 mph and 11.72 at 114 mph (best)

The Facts
Car: '66 Plymouth Belvedere
Engine: 439 Hemi, Manley 6.86-inch rods, JE 10.8:1 pistons, Racer Brown .527-lift camshaft, iron heads, stock intake, stock AFB carbs
Transmission: self-built 727 TorqueFlite auto, 3,000-stall 10-inch Turbo Action Torque Converter
Rearend: 831/44 with stock 4.10 gears
Exhaust: Doug's Headers, Dynomax mufflers, 3-inch pipes
Wheels/Tires: Front: Bogart 15x3.5, Firestone M/T 205/75/15; Rear: Bogart 15x8, Firestone M/T 28/11.50/15 ET Street
Quarter-Mile: 11.36 at 118 mph and 11.32 at 119 mph (best)