Musclecars are about horsepower, and building a replacement for a Viper-powered ride sounds like a tall order. To that end, Matt entrusted AMS in nearby Bossier City to mix up the last and hottest part of this Cajun dish. The base was a standard '69 440 block, performance prepped and now displacing 520 inches courtesy of a 4.375-inch bore and an offset Eagle crankshaft (from 4.15 to 4.32 inches). Mounted on the Eagle stroker crank are Eagle 7.1-inch big-block rods. Venolia 10.25 compression pistons live happy on pump premium, while a Hughes hydraulic roller cam (split design with .544/.568 lift and 228/236 duration) smoothes out that big-inch idle. Hughes also supplied the double springs, the rockers, and did the port prep on the Edelbrock Performer heads. The lung was topped off by a matching Edelbrock Six Pack intake and a trio of ProMax-prepped Holley carbs with billet bases and annular discharger boosters. The fuel and air are fired by MSD's new all-in-one distributor and an Optima battery, and the exhaust fumes return to the atmosphere via a set of Airborne Coatings-prepped Schumacher tri-Y headers. Keeping the engine cool is a Griffin aluminum radiator and a Milodon water pump in a Mopar housing. other accessories include Xtreme Billet A/C mounts (that place the Vintage Air compressor below the engine) and March pulleys. This package spits out a very fat 572 horses at just 5,200 rpm (and 630 lb-ft of torque at 2,900) on the dyno, but still gave Matt a sweet 17 mpg on the highway during the Hot Rod Power Tour last June.

We can't tell you how much the car cost. Matt simply stated, "if you have to ask...." to that query. What we can tell you is he has a big-inch, big-bodied Mopar that handles great, is a pleasure to ride in, can roast the tires at will, and doesn't require a mortgage to keep in fuel. Just like the food that comes out of the Louisiana bayous, this car has just the right amount of spice.

Fast Facts
Owner: Matt Delaney, Shreveport, LA
Car: 1970 Road Runner
Engine: 1969 RB 440 casting
Heads: Edelbrock Performer castings prepped by Hughes Engines with 2.19-inch intake/1.81-inch exhaust valves, Hughes shaft-mounted rocker arms, Hughes valvesprings, Smith Brothers pushrods
Camshaft: Hughes Engines hydraulic, .544/.568 lift and 228/236 duration
Crankshaft: Eagle stroker, reground 4.15 to 4.32 (creating 520-inch displacement)Rods: Eagle 7.1-inchPistons: Venolia forged with .990 pinsCompression Ratio: 10.25
Induction: Edelbrock Performer Six Pack with ProMax-prepped Holley 2bbl
Headers: coated Schumacher tri-Y style, Airborne CoatingsTrans: Mopar-adapted prototype GM 700R4 four-speed automatic, stock gear ratios, Hughes Performance 2,400-rpm stall converter
Differential: Dana 60, 3.54 SureGrip
Wheels/Tires: Nitto tires (245-45-17, front on Intro Vista 17-inch rims and 295-45-17, rear on Intro Vista 18-inch rims)
Paint: House of Kolors Ultra Orange Pearl, painted by Mike Harris, Delaney Auto Design
Best Performance: 11.90 at 117 via G-Tech meter