Goldberg's yellow '70 'Cuda convertible came from former Mopar Pro Stock racer, Al Corda. It is completely original and powered by a 383 with a four-speed. In the deal, Goldberg also bought Corda's Pro Stock Challenger. In the process of making several passes on the airstrip behind Bill Elliot's house in Georgia, he blew up the engine. "Nobody told me that race cars have such a small radiator," Goldberg says with a sly grin. He admits that running that car until it blew up wasn't the smartest thing to do, but being able to do repeated runs in a Hemi Challenger that ran the quarter in the 10s was too much to resist. Once repaired, he sold that Challenger, but kept the 'Cuda.

The most modern Mopar in Goldberg's collection is a black '99 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. It was formerly owned and modified by a stuntman. It has a suspension kit with oversize wheels and tires.

Every one of Goldberg's cars is ready to drive at any moment. "Unless the car has zero miles on, it needs to be driven," says Goldberg. "I don't get any enjoyment out of having a car sitting in my garage. It needs to be well-tuned and driven." When Goldberg needs a tune-up, he relies on friend and former Top Fuel crew chief, Dale Armstrong.

Goldberg's collection of cars is constantly changing. He's always on the lookout for low-mileage Hemi Mopars, so if you by chance happen to know of one, you can contact him at

If you're on the freeway in San Diego and see a really big guy with a smile on his face flying by in a classic Mopar, you can bet you have just been past by Bill Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg stands proudly in front of his collection of Mopars.

While wrestling in Salt Lake City, Goldberg bought an Auto Trader magazineand found this black-on-black '70 'Cuda. It's equipped with a Six Barrel 440 backed by a four-speed.

Goldberg found this '69 Hemi Charger in Atlanta. It came with two Hemi engines: the original and a highly modified version. The modified Hemi eventually found a home in his '70 Challenger convertible that began as someone's parts car.

Goldberg's '70 Dodge Challenger convertible originally rolled off the assembly line with a 318 under the hood. It eventually became a parts car for someone else's high-end restoration and was then relegated to storage in a barn. Goldberg saw the potential, bought the car, and after two years of work, the once forgotten Challenger was equipped with a highly modified Hemi and stunning black paint.

The yellow '70 'Cuda convertible is equipped with a 383 backed by a four-speed. Some may question why a collection such as this has a spot for a 383 car. The answer is-why not?

The newest Mopar in Goldberg's stable of cars is his '67 GTX Hemi. As a kid, Goldberg's first ride in a Hemi-powered car was in a '67 GTX. That ride left an indelible mark on him, and in 2005, he finally had a '67 Hemi GTX of his own.