A show-quality blue paint job and a top-quality canvas convertible top were the finishing touches added before the '71 was unveiled to its patron. With more than a little understatement, John describes the customer's reaction to his newly built car: "He thought it was awesome!"

This build didn't take half of forever as some one-off and custom builds can. Ordered in January 2007, the car was completed the following June. What's even better, XV Motorsports can build an E-Body Mopar for you, one loaded with performance items from XV's long list of available features. John explains: "The way it works is, we'll sit down with the customer, get an idea of what they want, then we go back to them with a proposal and specs, laying it out, and refining it from there." That also includes providing paint chips of the colors they can use. If you're looking to DIY a Challenger XV of your own, they can supply the individual parts and subassemblies, too. If you want to see what else they can put on one for you, log on to xvmotorsports.com, and start your planning/dreaming there.

In the meantime, this '71 Challenger's not only graced one devoted enthusiast's garage and the roads near his home, it's also attracted positive attention to XV Motorsports, with a featured place on the company's web site following its completion. "I have another one just like it sold," John says with pride.