Goldberg knew that he didn't want red, and white was out of the question. He favored black, but a '65 Coronet is a big car with a lot of surface area and very little trim to accent a dark color. He settled on a shade of silver called Lunar Mist-a Dupont ChromaBase color. Although the shade of silver selected is brighter than the original silver, it will allow the quality of the bodywork to be seen and will highlight the A-990's-style Champagne tan interior. Austin, Fitzpatrick, and Thomas Barnett painted the car at the OCRC facility. Austin's attention to detail came to light when he made sure the entire underside was painted and clearcoated. Barnett took charge of the color sanding and polishing. When Goldberg picked up the car, he was exceptionally satisfied with OCRC's work and the color he selected.

While the body was at OCRC being worked on, a few small components were restored at home-items such as the headlight buckets and horns. Goldberg's bead-blast cabinet came in handy for preparing the surfaces on these and other small parts for paint. He spent time searching eBay for special parts, such as N.O.S. taillight lenses, a vintage Sun Tach, and a radio-delete plate. He also found eBay a handy resource to recycle a few other unneeded parts.

In the next installment, we'll start to put pieces back on the body and show you what Goldberg chose when selecting a Hemi engine.

Bob Hansen Chassis
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