Fast Facts
'63 Plymouth Sport Fury two-door hardtop
Owned by: Michelle Browning, Greeley, Colorado
Built by: Michael Browning, owner of Nocturnal Hot Rods, Greeley, Colorado

Mopar Power

  • Engine: A .030-inch-over 440 that wears ported-and-polished, iron, closed-chambered heads, and an 850-cfm Holley atop a Team G intake. Details consist of custom-made valve covers and a Six Pack-style air cleaner. Inside, there's a Lunati VooDoo cam and 12:1 TRW pistons. All electronics are mounted under the air cleaner
  • Transmission: 727 TorqueFlite, with controls moved to custom pod on console. (Controls still include original "PARK" lever and "typewriter" buttons, good for 100 words/minute in top gear.)
  • Rear end: 8 ¾ rear end narrowed to 28 inches, with 29-spline axles and a 4.56 rear gear.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Restored original B-Body longitudinal Torsion bars in front; 140-pound Alden coilover springs and Chris Alston ladder bars in back.
  • Brakes: '73 Duster front discs are teamed with 11-inch drums in back.
  • Wheels/Tires: 15-inch-diameter ConvoPros wear streetable Hoosier tires all around, including 33x22.5 slabs in back.

High Impact

  • Body: Original '63 Plymouth two-door hardtop unibody restored/modified by Michael Browning. Quarters and other rust-eaten sheetmetal replaced with parts-car stock (including '65 Coronet rear wheelwells). Mike's modifications include: Shaved side trim and door handles, filled cowl vents, firewall and stock battery location, custom fiberglass hoodscoop on "bull-nosed" stock hood, and the rear bumper was recessed two inches. Stock grille, parking lights, window trim and taillights (with "gunsight" bezels) retained.
  • Paint: Mike sprayed on two of Ma Mopar's modern colors: Tangerine Orange over Cool Vanilla, over a silver underbase.
  • Interior: Sport Fury interior customized by Mike Browning with: Custom console with 727 push-button pod, custom dash with center-mounted TPI gauges, cut-down OEM steering wheel with handmade horn button, narrowed rear seat and custom head rests/door panels. White leather upholstery by Steven Markley, Greeley, Colorado.