Fast Facts
'68 Dodge Dart 270
Owned by Claus Williams, Beaufort, South Carolina

Mopar Power

  • Engine: After realizing that his 440 block was no good, Claus contacted Indy Cylinder Head for its lightweight and reliable 440 RB Wedge Indy Maxx aluminum block. The engine was assembled at Witcher Racing Engines in Middleburg, Florida, where it was punched out to 500 ci. They installed 4.375-inch Wiseco pistons, 6.760-inch Eagle connecting rods, and a 4.150-inch Eagle stroker crankshaft. When paired with the Indy 440-SR aluminum heads, it produces 9.5:1 compression. An Isky solid roller camshaft was placed inside the block and was ground with .578/.578-inch lift and 244-degrees duration. A set of Comp Cams shaft-mount roller rockers and Isky springs control the 2.19-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust valves. On the top of the engine are three Barry Grant Six Shooter carburetors attached to an Edelbrock 3x2 intake manifold, fed by an Aeromotive fuel pump. The ignition has been converted over to MSD electronics, which include a 6AL box, Blaster II Coil, and plug wires. A TTI exhaust system routes the used hydrocarbons away from the engine via long tube headers with 2 ¼-inch primaries and 3 ½-inch collectors. The full exhaust system is made up of aluminized 3-inch pipe with Dynomax mufflers.
  • Transmission: Brewers Performance in Ludlow Falls, Ohio, built the four-speed to handle the big-block Mopar power. It's shifted with a Hurst pistol grip shifter.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: QA1 10-way adjustable coilovers and super stock springs handle the bumps and weight transfer. An RMS K-Member kit was used to support the 440 and reduce front-end weight. The steering is controlled by a Flaming River rack-and-pinion, and a bumpsteer kit adds a level of precision to the once lackadaisical steering. The factory 8 ¾-inch rearend now houses stronger Moser axles, 2.92 gears, and a sure grip differential.
  • Brakes: With all the power on hand, the stock brakes weren't going to cut it. Claus installed a disc brake set from Wilwood to bite as hard as the 440.
  • Wheels: Weld Pro Stars look great and weigh close to nothing. They measure 15x5 up front and 15x10 in the rear. BFGoodrich G-Force tires do their best to put all the torque and power to the ground.

High Impact

  • Body: Most of the bodywork was performed by Claus, with help from friend Tom Feluer, including the replacement of the trunk, fenders, and extending the wheelwells.
  • Paint: After Tom finished working his mastery on the body, he sprayed the Dart with PPG Hemi Orange.
  • Interior: YearOne black vinyl seat covers and black carpeting return the factory interior to showroom quality. Claus customized the dash to accept enough Auto Meter gauges to make NASA jealous. An Alpine CD player controls a pair of 6 ½-inch Pioneer front and 6x9-inch rear speakers. The steering column is from Flaming River and the steering wheel is from Billet Specialties. A Vintage Air air conditioning system keeps things cool inside this clean A-Body.