Keeping that package in the proper rpm range is a rebuilt 904 transmission with a reverse manual-shifted valvebody. While 1965 was the first year automatic-equipped Barracudas got a floor shifter as opposed to the dash-mounted buttons, this one now features an aftermarket unit from B&M, and a 2,600-stall speed converter. Since the car was built for cruising rather than quarter-mile thunder, a 3.23 gear is in rear, which is inside an 8¼ outfit from a '70s-era Dart.

The interior is black vinyl, and of course, the signature monster rear-glass remains in place, as does the fold-down rear seat arrangement. On the outside, a bright shade of red paint with a white stripe gets attention. The final touch was a set of later model 14-inch Rallye wheels painted to match the body with new radial tires, giving the car an almost road race appeal.

Jerry was right that you don't see many '64-'66 Barracudas around any longer. It was the only one at this year's Mopars at the Rock show at Rockingham Dragway, and Jerry ended up winning not only the early A-Body class but a special honor from Dean Sox, who presented him with the first-ever Ronnie Sox Memorial Cup. Sponsored as part of the festivities by Port City Mopar club, Dean felt that Jerry's car was a great representation of the performance area. It also reminded him of the nitro-breathing Barracuda his father and partner Buddy Martin had run in 1966.

While there are a lot of pristine restorations out there today, most guys still like to own cars with personal touches. Jerry enjoys owning a car that captures the flavor of 1965, when the Barracuda was young and the muscle car era was just dawning.

Fast Facts
'65 Barracuda
Car Owner: Jerry Hand, Greensboro, NC

Mopar Power

  • Engine: The motor is a '70s-era 360, worked with a Comp Cams hydraulic bumpstick, Edelbrock intake/carburetor outfit, electronic ignition, headers, and dress-up parts
  • Transmission: Rebuilt 904 TorqueFlite with reverse valvebody
  • Differential: 8¼ with 3.23 gear and Sure Grip.
  • Horsepower and Performance: Conservative estimate is about 350 off the crank.

Sure Grip

  • Suspension: Stock with air shocks
  • Brakes: Rebuilt stock drums
  • Wheels: Factory 14-inch Rallye wheels

High Impact

  • Body: The bodywork was already done when Jerry bought it.
  • Paint: Paint is a red hue accented by a racing stripe over the top.
  • Interior: The front buckets are now spaced by an aftermarket shifter by B&M. The original dash panel has been replaced, and is now full of Equis gauges to monitor the vital signs.

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Note: The 61,523 Barracudas built in 1965 would be the highest number produced in a single year during the 11-year model run.