The bodywork was of course handled by MCR but it goes much further than a full restoration. Extensive use of carbon fiber parts not only remove a lot of weight from the car, their ultra high tech look perfectly fits the entire theme of the car. MCR hand fabricated the hood, deck lid, and rear spoiler as well as the entire dash and from carbon fiber. The hood is based on the AAR design but MCR enlarged the scoop and made it fully functional complete with an air box that perfectly mates with a filter box behind the Paxton. The front valance was even wrapped with carbon fiber so the fiber stripe would extend all the way to the leading edge of the car. PPG 1970 Lemon Twist paint practically glows in late afternoon light. Phoenix Graphics produced the custom 6.1-liter Hemi hockey stripe.

Once strapped into the leather wrapped Konig V Racing seats with the 5-point Stroud harness, Wayne can monitor a full array of Auto Meter gauges while his hands grip a carbon fiber weave Grant steering wheel and throw a carbon fiber wrapped pistol grip shifter. Also inside is a complete MCR built roll cage that helps to tie together and strengthen the entire chassis of the car. Environmental control is provided by a Classic Auto Air A/C conversion. And, in the unlikely event that Wayne is ever bored with the sound of 518 rear wheel horse power, he has enough Pioneer sound system power to practically blow the windows out of the car.

So, will this Hemi finally satisfy Wayne's desire for Mopar Performance? Well, not yet anyway. The two of them are still getting acquainted with one another. Right now this thing has more capability than Wayne has nerve but we suspect that he will narrow that gap rather quickly.

Fast Facts
'72 Plymouth 'Cuda
Wayne Tunis
Alberta, Canada

Mopar Power
Engine: Chrysler 6.1 liter Hemi Paxton supercharged with intercooler. Max boost is about 10 pounds. AEM computer controls every aspect of engine operation and can be tuned for long trips on pump gas or max power with racing fuel. The 518 RWHP was produced with premium unleaded. MCR is not saying much about the rest of the engine build except to say that custom pistons were necessary to handle the boost, and that this thing really likes boost. TTI long branch headers and a complete 3-inch exhaust system allow this thing to properly exhale.

Transmission: T-56 Viper 6-speed prepared by Keisler. Enough first gear to launch it hard and enough overdrive to match most anything on the Autobahn.

Rearend: Mitler Brothers sheet metal fabricated unit with an Ultimate Driveline 3.55 gear set.

Horsepower and performance: 518 horsepower at the rear wheels measured on a Mustang Dyno. Torque at the rear wheels measured 474 lb-ft.

Sure Grip
Suspension: Magnum Force tubular K-frame and control arms with adjustable QA1 shocks and coil over shocks. MCR fabricated the mounting. The rear is controlled by an MCR fabricated tubular four-link.

Brakes: SSBC Elite all around with adjustable proportioning valve. Deceleration is actually more important than acceleration.

Wheels: Weld Legacy 18x12 and 18x8

Rubber: Proxes RA1 335 and 225

High Impact
Body: This amazing restoration by Muscle Car Restorations was done in the AAR 'Cuda style. Even though the hood, deck lid and spoiler are all hand built carbon fiber parts, the body appears stock except for the hood scoop. The hood and the scoop were formed from an original AAR hood but the scoop was enlarged and made fully functional with ductwork and a filter box underneath. Even the hood frame is custom carbon fiber work. MCR even wrapped the center of the upper valance with carbon fiber so the carbon look would extend all the way to the nose of the car. Phoenix Graphics made a custom 6.1-liter Hemi stripe.

Paint: PPG base coat/clear coat 1970 Code Y1 Lemon Twist. The clear coats over the carbon fiber fabric produce an amazing amount of depth in those surfaces.

Interior: The inside of this 'Cuda is anything but stock. The dash is another hand made carbon fiber piece and is loaded with Auto Meter gauges set in a fiberglass panel. The Grant wheel is a carbon fiber weave and the pistol grip shifter is wrapped with carbon fiber and then clear coated smooth. Wayne sits in leather Konig V racing seats and gets a level of security from a 5-point Stroud harness and a custom MCR built cage.

A Pioneer DVD touch screen system controls the audio and visuals and a CD changer in the truck. The Pioneer remote and an iPod snap fit into the MCR built console.