Back in his August, 2010 "Off The Line" column, Editor Bolig invited you to send in the pictures and stories of the Plymouths, Dodges, Chryslers, and other Mopar-built rides that you've owned for the past decade or so, and have no plans to ever get rid of.

We got a lot of great stories and photos, which we'll share with you below. We also got some stuff that we couldn't use-either the photos were too small or too blurry, or were printed out by a home computer (and don't scan very well, per our art department). Some folks sent in pictures of Mopars they no longer have, ignoring what Randy said in his column ("We don't need images of cars you used to own, just the ones you own and have owned a while-let's say at least ten years.")

So, here are the stories and pictures that your fellow Mopar Muscle readers sent in of their long-term rides.

Who: Albert Carter
Where: Farnham, Virginia
What: '69 Plymouth GTX hardtop

One-Owner Miles
Albert purchased his 1969 Plymouth GTX back on July 7, 1969 from Richmond Chrysler-Plymouth in Richmond, Virginia, a car that carried a $4,124.00 sticker price. The R4 Red B-Body was fitted with the standard powertrain for the GTX back then-a 440 Magnum backed by a 727 Torqueflite automatic, with 3.23 gears out back.

From that day until 1990, this GTX was Albert's daily driver before he parked it and did a full-on restoration, which he completed in 2004.

Albert adds that his GTX is still a numbers-matching car that's never been raced (though he says he's made quite a few tire burnings/fast take-offs with it over the years). And, he adds, it has just over 300,000 one-owner miles on it!

Who: Chris Holley
Where: Montgomery, Pennsylvania
What: '69 Dodge Dart Swinger Custom

From Driver to Drag-Ready
When Chris saw this Swinger advertised for sale in 1989, he found a 340 under the hood instead of an OEM 318 or Slant 6. It also had a set of chrome Lakewood traction bars, and the exterior chrome had been shaved off and its holes welded shut.

Since then, Chris' Dart has gone through a lot of changes. The brakes have gone from factory drums to the current Wilwood four-wheel disc set-up. He's replaced the stock 904 Torqueflite (and rebuilt that replacement 904 at least once), and the 340's been rebuilt while keeping the same block, heads and crank. Right now it has Edelbrock aluminum heads, an MSD/Mopar electronic ignition, and the same Mopar Direct Connection camshaft that he put in during his first rebuild in 1990.

He replaced the bumpers, hood and front fenders with fiberglass ones from U.S. Body Source, and he had it painted white basecoat/clearcoat back in 1993. Underneath, in back, it's got split mono leaf springs, Caltrac traction bars and Rancho shocks. In front, a used pair of Slant 6 torsion bars and 90/10 drag shocks let the Dart's weight transfer rearward on takeoff. Chris says that its best in the 1/4-mile is in the mid-11's at 115 mph.

Chris says that he still has the same feeling about the Dart that he had the first day he drove it home. It's been part of his life since he was a kid, moving with him every time he did, and always garaged. It's provided him with his own personal automotive education-a rolling physics lab, test bed, and a source of joy for countless hours that could never be replaced with anything else. Everybody that knows him knows about the Dart, and they know he's keeping it forever!