Though most were powered by the 225 Slant Six, 318, and 360 V-8s, the 400- and 440-inch V-8s were factory options during the late 1970s, so keep an eye out for those.

10 - '06-'08 Dodge Charger cop cars

More of these are now coming out of service, though not in the dime-a-dozen quantities of its Blue Oval competition. Still, if you want a car that's a 21st Century version of the original Plymouth RoadRunner and Dodge Super Bee-high performance that's low on the frills-here you go.

While the V-6 versions offer good fuel mileage, that's not what you really buy a Charger for, now is it? As we've observed with the '07 that's in our Mopar Muscle Home Fleet, the 5.7L Hemi-powered one is a screamer, capable of mid-14-second times in the quarter-mile bone stock, with top speed limited to 149 mph so it doesn't out run its tires.