Dale Hoffman

Scottsbluff, Nevada
'67 Dodge Coronet R/T

We love the boxy styling of the '66 and '67 B-Bodies, and Dale Hoffman's '67 RT is a nicely built street/strip Mopar. Equipped with a 528 cubic inch big-block and Edelbrock Victor cylinder heads backed by a 727 automatic trans and 4.10 geared 83?4 rear, Dale admits he built this car with one thing in mind--outrunning his friends' Mopars! During the restoration, the car's roof was damaged during a storm when the Coronet was nearly complete, which was a real setback. Determined to finish the project, Dale re-skinned the roof and completed the car, building a nicely modified, good-looking B-Body that runs 11s in the quarter, and is docile enough to drive in parades. Running an 11.40 flat at 114.73 mph, this was the fastest car in the 2012 Challenge, and Dale narrowly missed winning this close contest.

Kevin Jones

Clifton, Colorado
'68 Dodge A-100

Trucks are cool, and A-100s like this one owned by Kevin Jones are even cooler. Kevin came all the way from Colorado to attend the event, and we're glad he entered the challenge. Kevin's truck is equipped with a fairly mild 360 small-block topped with X heads, a 727 TorqueFlite transmission with a 2,500-rpm converter, and an 8-3/4 differential with 3.55 gears. This truck did great during the driving portion of the contest, and we loved the bare bones utility of the A-100. On the track, Kevin performed well, but not as well as he expected because of a fuel system issue starving the carburetor at the top end of the track. Running a best of 13.88 seconds at only 86.56 mph, Kevin knew something was amiss as his Dodge had run in the 12s earlier in the weekend. Eventually discovering a fuel tank venting issue, Kevin had the truck running properly again, but not in time for our Saturday afternoon passes down the track.