"I can still remember my first 10-second pass, I was hoping to go quicker than 11.50 seconds" -Todd Grobbel

Fast Facts

'70 Dart Swinger
Todd Grobbel
St. Claire Shores, Michigan

Mopar Power

Engine: What started out as a little 340 is now 418-inches of stroker madness. Best Machine added a Callies Dragon Slayer crankshaft and 6.125-inch Eagle connecting rods, and connected them to a set of Diamond pistons. This combination under Todd's Edelbrock heads makes a 12.2:1 compression ratio. The custom Roller cam raises the lifters .639 inches, and holds them up for 258-degrees of rotation (as measured at .050 inch). The Victor Jr. intake supports a Quick Fuel 1050 Dominator, and an MSD ignition lights the squeeze.

Transmission: The 727 is pounded into gear with a B&M Pro Shifter, and the 5,500 stall ATI converter helps the launch.

Rear: To give the A-Body 8-3/4 some help, a back brace was welded into place, and a Power Lock differential is wrapped with a set of Richmond 4.30 gears.

Sure Grip

Suspension: The stock front suspension is rebuilt, and a set of 90/10 drag shocks help transfer the weight to the Unlawful Racing Triangulated four-link supported rear.

Brakes: Wilwood binders halt the front while factory rear drums slow down the rear rubber.

Wheels/Tires: Weld Pro Stars are on all for corners, and the front 15 x 3-1/2 inchers are wrapped in 6-1/2-inch wide Mickey Thompson street radials, and the 15 x 9-inch rear wheels have 5-1/2 inch back spacing, and support the Mickey Thompson drag radials that are 275/60-15.

High Impact

Paint/Body: The 10-year old Plum Crazy Purple was applied by John Cariveau while the recent addition of the AAR hood and some touch up was done by Dan Picklo of Expert Car Care in Fraser, Michigan.

Interior: Todd took the time to rebuild the interior himself. The door panels and such were fine, but Todd added a set of JAZ racing seats, and an 8-point roll bar.

Best et: 10.64 at 124mph