Since the car had run with a Donovan engine, a suitable 392 iron-block mill was put together. This new engine was so fresh, the crew didn't fire it up until the weekend we shot it. Inside the short-block is a Reath Automotive crankshaft, Venolia pistons, Howards rods, with a Crane roller in the center of it all keeping time. A Donovan geardrive keeps the rest of the Crane valvetrain lined up with the pistons. Mondello Head Service, another name out of the past, supplied a set of iron heads using Donovan valves, while a Crager intake sporting a 6-71 Littelfield blower and an Enderle injector top off the combination. Hedman headers and a Mallory magneto ignition round out the engine. Behind this package is a two-speed automatic put together by Trans Specialties. This uses a TCI converter and Trans Specialties valvebody, with Bob throwing shifts using a Hurst Quarter Stick II. A 4.56:1 Richmond gear, coupled with Strange hardware, puts the horsepower to the pavement.

No project such as this is one-man job, and although Bob did a lot of the work, he spreads the credit around. In addition to backing from American Racing Wheels, M/T Tires, Kendall GT 1 Oil, and Crane Cams, he passes kudos to crew chief Terry Scoverni, wife Glenda, Cam Scoverni, and Bob Hamelton. Scott Hughes and Alex Stoddard also helped out.

With a cost of more than $25,000, the Tom & Jerry Duster is ready to return. As mentioned, the team was putting the finishing touches on the machine at Indy, so it unfortunately did not get a lap in at that event. However, if Bob has anything to say about it, the Duster will again be tripping the light fantastic in the near future-just like in the old days.

Bob Gibson
'73 Duster Funny Car Restoration
Owner/Driver: Bob Gibson
Crew Chief: Terry Scovern
Body: '73 Duster; ex-Tom & Jerry AA/Funny Car
Chassis: Logghe Stamping Company; ex-Bob Banning Dodge
Wheels: American Custom Racing
Tires: M/T
Engine: 392 iron Hemi
Displacement: Stock
Crank: Reath Automotive
Heads: Chrysler iron by Mondello
Cam/valvetrain: Crane
Headers: Hedman
Oil Pan: Milodon
Oil: Kendall GTl
Transmission: Two-speed/Trans Specialties
Rear: Dana 60 with 4.56:1 Richmond gear
Bodywork: Bob Gibson
Paint: Spain Brothers
Crew: Glenda Gibson, Cam Scovern, Bob Hamelton