Neon R/T Quick Specs
Owner: David Nickens

  • Drivers: Darrell Alderman and Mark Osborne
  • Bodystyle: All carbon-fiber Neon Dodge R/T
  • Car Builder: RJ Race Cars, Galesburg, Illinois
  • Weight and Wheelbase: 2,350 lbs race-ready/105-in wheelbase


  • 1290hp, 500-in, new-style Hemi
  • Two Holley Dominators
  • MSD Digital-7 ignition system and components
  • Autolite spark plugs


  • Five-speed Liberty manual transmission
  • Dual-disc ACE


  • Lamb front shocks
  • Koni electric rear shocks
  • Strange brakes and axles
  • RJ Race Cars four-link rear suspension

Wheels and Tires

  • Weld Wheels and Goodyear Tires