In Lake Charles, Louisiana, Brian Deeds' street truck caught our attention and earned the Coolest Mopar award. Brian turned the little truck no one wanted into a ride worthy of envy.

"I found the truck on eBay," he says. "It was listed for $200 and didn't sell, so I contacted the owner to find out more about it. The owner lived in a different state than where the truck was located. She told me she had not seen it in over 18 years. It was parked at her grandparents' house after it had started to run bad. All the owner knew was it was blue and had a camper on it. It was three hours away from me, so I went to look at it the following week. In my mind, I was thinking since it was a camper, it was probably a long-bed. When I laid my eyes on the truck, I had to have it. It was a '69 SWB D-100 with factory air, automatic, a 318, and it was Basin Blue ("Petty Blue"). It had most of the high-end Adventure trim, but it is a D-100 custom. The truck looked pretty rough. It had been sitting under pine trees for 18 years. You could barely tell its color. The tires were rotted off, and the rockers and frame were a dirt-sad sight. The floorpans were terrible. You could see the ground after pulling the mat back."

Once Brian decided he wanted the truck, he enlisted some help to get the immovable hulk back to his house.

"My best friend, Cully Dodd, and I went the following week to get the truck, armed with four tires that would hold air, several jacks, and a trailer," he says. "We had to beat the drums off with hammers so the wheels would turn. After about two hours of crawling around in the dirt and fighting mosquitoes the size of 747s, we had it loaded. Then, with $10 in quarters, we went to the car wash. My only regret is we didn't take any pictures of the truck dying on the ground.

"My wife was not very happy when she saw us pulling up to the house (where have we heard that before?--Ed.) She couldn't believe I bought the junk. She was not too understanding (when) the old Dodge got a spot in the garage and the new Durango got the driveway."