"I finished up a few more details and took it to the Houston Mopar Show and Race. I won the Classic Truck class at the show and ran a bunch of 12.40s. I wished I had some 4.10s and slicks."

Brian thought the Hot Rod Power Tour would be the perfect event to test his truck's streetability.

"Once I found out (it) was ending in Texas, I had to go, and I had to make some changes," Brian says. "In January 2003, I started to design an IFS crossmember to use C4 Vette parts. I finished it about a month before the tour started. I also needed new wheels and tires for the look. The American Racing Salt Flat wheels were my choice. I think they complement the truck's lines.

"The Power Tour was great. The best thing is all the great friends you make. I drove about 2,400 miles round trip with no major problems and I got about 11 mpg. It's pretty neat to have a 12-second street truck that runs on pump gas and can make long-distance trips."

Brian says he hopes to have the A/C working on next year's Power Tour. That way, he can make one of its coolest Mopars even cooler.