"Altering a pre-'94 Dodge pickup means you need to be able to manufacture your own parts, or someone else has to do it for you. There are very few parts other than factory stock components to be had for these trucks. You can't pick up your sport truck catalog, order them, and bolt them on. It's undeniably frustrating at times, but it makes the end result much sweeter."

Tom gives much credit for the success of the project to his son Scott. "He's always there to help, no matter what the project is. At 16, he's my right hand man."

Most of the truck's duties today involve attending local cruises and simply driving around. And while seldom does Tom take the truck to shows, it has managed to take First in its class at the 1999 and 2000 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals.

A couple of years ago Tom did send the D-100 down the quarter-mile to see what it could do. "I still had a 600-cfm Holley on it and street tires, which made it extremely difficult to leave the line with anything more than half-throttle. The best time was a 14.0 e.t."

So much for ferrying home improvement goods. Now Tom's feisty street truck is hauling something else-rather rapidly.

Dyno Proven
Owner: Tom Ressler
Engine Displacement: 360 cid.
Power at the tires: 272hp@5750 rpm, 291 lb/ft@4250 rpm
Interesting Features: Tom's the original owner and used the truck every day for ten years before giving the hot rod treatment.