Although the truck is a heart-stealer from any angle, what really tripped our trigger is the fire under the hood. Here Ron opted for a '58 Hemi. The unusual V8 was rated at 315 ci, but Ron wanted a little more "go" built into the mill, so he sent the heads to Performance Heads of Madison, Wisconsin, where they were opened to work with DeSoto pistons. Now the Hemi boasts 341 ci, which is fully taken advantage of thanks to a reground cam, Street Demon carb, Mallory Unilite ignition, Sanderson headers, and 2.5-inch Flowmaster mufflers. Backing it all is a column-shifted GM 700-R4 slush box.

In a hobby full of automotive inbreeding, it's tough to find a street rod that holds close to its origins. It's even tougher to find Dodge rods that fall into this category. Throw an early Hemi into this mix, and you see why Ron and Carol Green's '33 pickup spurs so much excitement. Like we said, it's the real deal.