"I didn't anticipate getting carried away like this," Marc says. "We only used it a couple of times to do [work duty]. Then the interior got elaborate, and we put the sound system in. Now it's a Sunday driver and show truck."

In 1995, Marc sold R&R and moved to Boulder City, Nevada, where he now owns Lakeside Auto Service. But while the Sub Ram was still a West Coaster, Marc had the California Highway Patrol reidentify it as new construction. Now, in the C.H.P. database, the old '81 VIN is identified as a '91 Dodge truck. "I had some friends in the C.H.P., and they suggested I [reidentify it]," Marc says. "I was able to avoid a salvage title that way."

After we photographed the Sub Ram the first time, Marc did even more work to it. He added 273 rockers and dressed up the engine compartment. "When I park it outside the shop, I can pretty much count on a couple people coming in to ask about it," he says. "When I take it to shows, most people just shake their head."

Why did he do it?

"My family was growing and I needed a good tow vehicle," he says. "I have never owned anything but Chrysler products. And, they said it couldn't be done."

The Facts
Body: '91 Dodge truck (sort of).
Engine: 360 from '71 Fury police car.
Trans: 727 three-speed with TransGo shift kit.
Special Features: Third brake light from GM Astro van; custom-built billet overhead console and gas and brake pedals; front and rear A/C; dual rear wheels; custom door panels; Alpine stereo with Boston Acoustics speakers.