Mike Thomas
Ringwood, New Jersey
1998 Dakota R/T
Best Time: 13.4 at 104

Mike gets the racer longevity award. He has 122,000 miles on his truck, which has put out rear-wheel dyno numbers of 292 hp and 320 pounds of torque. The secret is a custom ground Crower camshaft with .512 lift, R/T heads, GS Motorsports headers, and a 55mm throttle body by F&B. The driveline received a 2,600 Viper stall converter, and a 4.10 Auburn Gear limited-slip differential. For racing, slicks are mounted to 20x9-inch replicas of R/T rims. He is also a pretty good bracket race driver-he won the eliminator.
1.92/1.60 heads, Crower cam, large-port injector, GS Motorsports headers, 2,600-stall converter, 4.10 gear.

Jeff Wilson Jr.
Rustburg, Virginia
2000 Dakota R/T
Best time: 11.76 at 115.24

King of the hill performance-wise at Rockingham was Jeff Wilson Jr., the only competitor who had his truck on a trailer. The black-and-silver beast is a long-term project featuring a stroker crank, 2.02-inch valves in the R/T heads, a special Comp Cams bumpstick, a 10.3:1 compression ratio, Mopar headers, and a healthy dose of nitrous, which is still being scienced out. He has just swapped out the factory 46RE trans for a 727 Torqueflite able to handle more power, which is in turn backed by a 3.92 gear in the rear.
Nitrous, KRC-built "streetable" small-block, Comp Cams bumpstick, Mopar Tri-Y headers, KRC/J.W. 727 Torqueflite, 3.92 Sure Grip.
"Built to shut up some of the Ford boys. It will easily be a 10-second truck once we get the nitrous system set up." (Not bad for a 4,300-pound truck.)