Additional Considerations
While we hope this tire fitment guide serves as a useful tool when determining the tires that will adorn your Mopar, there are many other resources available to help. A great way to figure out what tire-and-wheel combination will look good on your car is to find similar cars and look at their tires and wheels. If you're having trouble finding a car at your local shows or cruises don't forget to check out the pages of our magazine. We know the decision of a tire-and-wheel combination can be hard to make, so we try to print the tire and wheel size of each car featured in Mopar Muscle. Simply find a car the same body style as yours in our pages, and the Fast Facts page will give you the tire and wheel specifications of that car. Also, don't forget about your local tire store. Their employees can be helpful when considering tires and wheels for your ride. The tire manufacturers also have great web sites that can give a wealth of information about tire selection, construction, and use. Remember, though, that whatever tires you choose, the best way to show them off is by driving the car, and the best way to make sure they stay round is by smoking them to oblivion!

Speed Rating Test Speed
Q up to 100 mph
S up to 112 mph
T up to 118 mph
U up to 124 mph
H up to 130 mph
V up to 149 mph
W up to 168 mph
Y up to 186 mph
Z 149 mph and higher
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