Where is it written that in order to enjoy this hobby of cars, you need to own a million-dollar car? Just in case you're unsure, let me tell you-YOU DON'T. Sure, there are collectors and investors out there who will buy nothing but high-end cars, and that's great if you can afford to do that. But what about guys like you and me? I know I can't afford a "collectible" car on what they pay me here. To me, any car that carries a Mopar branding is a cool car that deserves a second look.

What's wrong with an early A-Body? Those pre-'70s-era cars look pretty good with the right enhancements. Throw a set of wheels on it and give it a decent paint job-BAM, a cool cruiser. There are cars out there that can be had relatively cheap . . . if you're willing to spend a little time looking for them, and if you use your imagination when looking at a Mopar that you never considered before.

F-, M-, and J-Bodies are often overlooked, but are really cool cars if you give them a second glance. So we decided to throw together a short list of what we think are the next big things we'll probably start seeing at shows. And why not, cool cruisers are everywhere if you just look for them.

F is for Fast
What do you mean Ma Mopar never built a cool car after 1973? The Volare and Aspen may never have been marketed as musclecars, but what about the Super Coupe and the Road Runner? The connotation of a musclecar is a gray area. Does a car have to be built between 1964 to 1972 to be a musclecar? Of course not, the later cars may have been down in the horsepower department due to government restrictions, but with some simple modifications they can be just as potent as any of their higher horsepower brethren.

These cars can present a very cool appearance with just the addition of some nice aftermarket wheels and a fresh coat of shiny paint. They were available with niceties like rich Corinthian leather.

Since these cars were never considered musclecars, the power under the hood needs a shot of adrenalin. Also, smog-controlling items were bolted to the engine. Many came in drab, boring colors, hence the reason the shiny paint can really make a difference. The aftermarket has not made a lot of parts for these cars yet, but many are interchangeable with other models if you can find a good donor.