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Is your dash looking tired? Are your seats ripped? How about some new carpet for your Mopar?

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pertronix makes an all-in-one tool for all automotive electrical needs.
Are you making plug wires or wiring your car? You need this tool. ... more
New hand-held tuner for new Mopar vehicles
If you've got a new Dodge vehicle, Diablosport can help you get your tune on!... more
50th Anniversary hits Gainesville
Mopar unveiles a new paint Scheme on the 2014 Funny car of Matt HaganCourtesy Geoff Stunkard... more
Brought to you by The Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation
If you want a Coronet R/T, you can get one practically FREE!... more

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Pop's 440, from the 2011 Dyno Challenge to now.
Back in 2011 we considered using Pop's 440 he built many years ago, for his truck, in the 2011... more
68 Belvedere keeps kicking down into passing gear
Recently picked up a 68 Belvedere with a 318 and it runs great except one thing, every time I hit... more
Spirit of 76 Dodge Dart lite
I just got this car a few weeks ago,I found it in the local ads so I jumped on it,the car is really... more
65 Belvedere
My dad has an old car he used to race with in the shed. I know that it is a 65 Belvedere, it's a... more
window sticker & built sheet
;) hi I have blink copy built sheet& window sticker and I would like to know if anybody know what... more
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