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Building a Hemi? Wanting to pump up your RB or Wedge? The latest pistons, rods, crankshafts and other speed parts here!
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pertronix makes an all-in-one tool for all automotive electrical needs.
Are you making plug wires or wiring your car? You need this tool. ... more
New hand-held tuner for new Mopar vehicles
If you've got a new Dodge vehicle, Diablosport can help you get your tune on!... more
50th Anniversary hits Gainesville
Mopar unveiles a new paint Scheme on the 2014 Funny car of Matt HaganCourtesy Geoff Stunkard... more
Brought to you by The Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation
If you want a Coronet R/T, you can get one practically FREE!... more

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68 Belvedere keeps kicking down into passing gear
Recently picked up a 68 Belvedere with a 318 and it runs great except one thing, every time I hit... more
Spirit of 76 Dodge Dart lite
I just got this car a few weeks ago,I found it in the local ads so I jumped on it,the car is really... more
65 Belvedere
My dad has an old car he used to race with in the shed. I know that it is a 65 Belvedere, it's a... more
window sticker & built sheet
;) hi I have blink copy built sheet& window sticker and I would like to know if anybody know what... more
Car keeps stalling
Hey guys, I'm 22 and bought an old 73' charger SE. I know almost NOTHING about cars and thought... more
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