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Mopar Muscle

Mopar Wallpaper & Desktop Images

Take a look at our car wallpapers to see images of your favorite Mopar cars that you can use for your desktop background. Use these desktop images to see the hottest cars including cars from Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler. Enjoy these amazing images whenever you turn on your computer.

Download these Mopar Muscle Desktop Patterns (Windows 98,2000,XP & Macintosh) to customize your computer screen with a gorgeous photos straight from the pages of Mopar Muscle. Setup instructions are shown at the bottom of this page.

Setup Instructions

Instructions for Windows 98/2000/XP

  • Right click on a desktop image size to download
  • Select Start Menu: Settings:Control Panel
  • Open the display control panel
  • Select the background tab
  • Press the browse button
  • Locate the file you just downloaded and select it
  • Press the apply button
  • Press the "ok" button
  • Instructions for Macintosh

  • Hold the option key and click on a desktop image size
  • Go to your Apple Menu:Control Panels:Appearance
  • Select the desktop tab in the Appearance Control Panel
  • Select "Place Picture"
  • Select the file you want to use
  • Press the "Set Desktop" button
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