Bring Back Your B51s

“B51” was Ma Mopar’s option code for power brakes way back when, and the power-brake boosters they sourced from Bendix served well for years. Now, however, they’re likely starting to leak and not hold vacuum. Until now, your choices included a generic remanufactured one, a swap meet find…or crossed fingers. MBM now has a better option for your B51-optioned E-Body or ’60s/’70s-vintage B-Body: A new reproduction Bendix-style booster. It’s an exact replacement for your OEM one, and it comes with specific mounting hardware and firewall plates (when you let MBM know what year, make, and model your Mopar is when you order). With a retail price under $230, can you afford to risk what can happen with your old booster much longer?

Get It: MBM • 800/231-4125 •

Tri-Ys For Your LA

Custom fit without the custom price…that’s what Schumacher Creative Services’ new Tri-Y headers give your LA small-block /Torqueflite-equipped E-Body, B-Body, or ’67-later A-Body. They’re designed for street and light competition use, and feature 14 gauge steel tubing, high-quality welds, mandrel-bent for a smooth flow, with ball-and-socket joints at the collector and heavy-duty steel flanges. They’ve also got excellent spark plug clearance, and they allow retention of exhaust studs on the heads—no more breaking into water jackets! They’re available in your choice of uncoated, ceramic-coated, or chromed finishes, they’re built only 10 sets at a time, they’re individually test fit to provide quality and accuracy rarely found outside of custom headers, and they install from the top quickly and painlessly.

Get It: Schumacher Creative Services • 206/364-7151 •

Make That Dash Dashing (Again)

Specifically, the Rally Dash in your ’70 Road Runner, Superbird, GTX, Charger, Super Bee or Coronet R/T. Four-decades-plus of sun, heat, and cold took their toll on them. (So did shotgun-seat passengers, and 8-track tape player installers who didn’t watch—or care—where they cut!) That’s where new reproduction ’70 B-Body Rally Dash glove box doors and lower dash trim pieces from Tony’s Parts come in handy. These accurate reproductions are made of modern-tech materials, all their mounting posts are in place in the correct locations, and they fit just like the originals. They’re available as a set (as seen here), or individually, from Tony’s Parts.

Get It: Tony’s Parts • 302/398-0821 •

Two From Dante’s

Got a ’67-’69 Barracuda out in the garage as your current project? Or does yours need a little “freshening?” Check out these two new items for your second-gen Fish from Dante’s Mopar Parts. Keep the weather from getting in when you install a new reproduction windshield gasket. It’s made from modern high-tech materials, which means it’ll stay soft, and keep the rain out, longer than the OEM gasket (or what’s left of it) can. Dante’s Mopar Parts also has new some steel for all ’67-’69 Barracudas (coupe, fastback, and convertible): Reproduction trunk extensions. Made on new AMD tooling, they’re stamped from heavy-gauge steel, and come ready to fit up and weld in.

Get it: Dante’s Mopar Parts • 609/332-4194 •

Two-Stage Painting Made Easier

You’ve heard of Summit Racing Equipment’s Two-Stage Basecoat/Clearcoat Paint System, and you’ve seen the good results that other Mopar folks have had with it. Now it’s even easier to use. By eliminating a lot of complicated application steps, and offering a core group of color options, Summit makes the ordering process less complicated, while cutting your painting costs, letting you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Specific car icons on the label identify either the 2-Stage Low VOC (that’s compatible with California’s and other states’ VOC emission laws) or Two-Stage National Rule paint systems. Each system includes primers, sealers, clearcoats, reducers, hardeners, and specialty additives that’ll give you professional results in your own shop. Summit’s Two-Stage Systems are available in 40 vibrant basecoat colors, and are formulated to create a brilliant finish, with minimal drying times.

Get It: Summit Racing Equipment • 800/230-3030 •

Fish Filler

We’re talking about the E-Body Fish (Barracuda), and its Dodge counterpart (Challenger) here, and the original unibody on yours likely needs some resto help at the firewall. That’s where these new firewall filler panels from ShermanParts come in handy. Licensed by Ma Mopar and made of modern-tech steel on new tooling based on the original blueprints, these panels fit all E-Body body styles-hardtop, convertible and the fixed-rear-quarter-windows coupe. They match all the details of the originals that have been out of production since the “Extra Care In Engineering” days ended—and out of the original-parts pipeline almost as long. They come ready for installation, and Sherman’s can ship them anywhere in the world. With a retail price of just $125.99 per side—plus tax and shipping—can you find NOS/NORS ones, or ones this nice on a parts car, at that price?

Get It: ShermanParts by Sherman & Associates • 800/345-9487 •