“Littles” For Your Street/Strip Mopar

Do you want to run a set of steel “big and little” wheels under your street/strip Mopar but can’t find a good set of “littles” for the front? Relax. Wheel Vintiques now has you covered, with their new-reproduction 15x4-inch OE Chrysler Wheel. This all-steel, made in the USA “front runner size” wheel is available in a satin black finish and is ready to bolt on the front of your 10-second screamer. (Dog dish hub cap not included.)

Get It: Wheel Vintiques • 559/251-6957 • www.wheelvintiques.com

Race Engine Protection

Getting ready for some pre-season test-and-tune runs before spring? Or did your race season start early? Your race engine needs all the protection it can get—especially if it’s a new/freshly-rebuilt one—in AMSOIL’s new Dominator 60-Weight Synthetic Racing Oil.Its durable formulation—heavily fortified with zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives—provides maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection, while protecting against scuffing and wear in severe racing conditions. Its low pour point offers excellent cold-start protection and provides less drag (like during your first test-and-tune run), and its thermally-stable synthetic chemistry maintains superior film strength, even at elevated operating temperatures (like after your first couple of runs or dyno pulls). AMSOIL’s Dominator 60-Weight Synthetic Racing Oil is recommended for use in racing and high-performance engines (Check your owner’s manual or engine builder’s recommendations for correct viscosity).

Get It: AMSOIL • 800/777-8491 • www.amsoil.com


By “must have,” we mean something to replace a well-worn, fatigued, rusted, beat-on (or all of the above) OEM part, in order to make your prized Plymouth or Dodge perform the way it should. That includes small front-suspension parts that work in a big way...like QA1’s new Mopar torsion bar adjusters and eccentric camber bolt adjusters. The torsion bar adjusters are stock replacements, and work well with factory or QA1 lower control arms. They’re made from high-strength alloy steel, zinc-plated for durability, with a 3⁄4-inch hex head for easy adjustment. QA1’s new eccentric camber bolt adjusters allow for easy alignment changes, and they’re also made from high-strength alloy steel and zinc plated for durability. They offer a camber adjustment range of -2.5 to +2.5 from the factory settings, and work well with either factory upper control arms or QA1 upper control arms. mm

Get It: QA1 Precision Products • 800/721-7761 • www.qa1.net

Modern-Hemi Ready

High-power '08-'12 Challengers deserve a drivetrain that can handle what their Hemis put out. That includes the clutch in manual-transmission ones...and Centerforce's new DYAD Drive System multi-disc clutch is just the thing. It comes with what you see here: clutch disc set, pressure plate, floater, a lightweight steel flywheel, pilot bearing, and installation hardware. It replaces your OEM pressure plate, disc, and flywheel assembly with a higher holding capacity system, designed for a direct bolt-in replacement. Features also include smooth engagement and light pedal effort; high torque capacity--up to 1,000 lb-ft at the flywheel; ARP fasteners; plus it comes precision-balanced and pre-assembled, so it's ready to install (no complicated setup or adjustments required).

Get It: Centerforce • 928/771-8422 • www.centerforce.com