More New Steel From AMD

The sheetmetal pros at Auto Metal Direct have done it again—with more new reproduction steel for your classic Mopar, like these all-new ’70-’71 Dart front fenders. AMD starts with old original OEM sample fenders before they build their own brand-new steel tools, then they put multiple prototypes through rigorous test-fitting sessions until they fit just right. That results in new, heavy-gage steel fenders that bolt right on, look great, and fit correctly on your ’70-’71, Dart Swinger hardtop, Demon coupe, or Dart sedan. Need new front fenders for your ’68 or ’69 Dart? AMD says they’ve got those sought-after parts in the works, and they’ll be out soon.

Get it: Auto Metal Direct • 866/591-8309 •

The Wait Is Over

If you’ve got an ’11-later Hemi-powered Mopar and you want to add a DiabloSport tune to it, now you can, thanks to their new inTune DCX Edition tuner. It adds about 15 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque, increases drivability, and boosts fuel economy on supported applications. Installation is as easy as plugging it into your ride’s OBD-II port, then following the on-screen prompts to install a preloaded performance tune. InTune DCX lets you manipulate the program in your vehicle’s ECU to calibrate your speedometer, raise speed limits or rev limits, modify spark and fueling options, and much more. Firmware updates for the inTune DCX will be available as a free automatic download when plugged into any PC with USB and an Internet connection. (For Mac users, updates are available through drag-and-drop installation on your OSX-equipped Mac.)

Get it: DiabloSport • 561/908-0041 •

Modern-Hemi Ready

High-power ’08-’12 Challengers deserve a drivetrain that can handle what their Hemis put out. That includes the clutch in manual-transmission ones...and Centerforce’s new DYAD Drive System multi-disc clutch is just the thing. It comes with what you see here: clutch disc set, pressure plate, floater, a lightweight steel flywheel, pilot bearing, and installation hardware). It replaces your OEM pressure plate, disc, and flywheel assembly with a higher holding capacity system, designed for a direct bolt-in replacement. Features also include smooth engagement and light pedal effort; high torque capacity—up to 1,100 lb-ft at the flywheel; ARP fasteners; plus it comes precision-balanced and pre-assembled, so it’s ready to install (no complicated setup or adjustments required).

Get It: Centerforce • 928/771-8422 •

Keep It Planted

We’re talking about your late-model Mopar, whose four-wheel independent suspension has no real provision for adjusting the front and rear alignment. Razor’s Edge Motorsports’ new adjustable front and rear control arms let you adjust your late-model’s front and rear wheel alignment either back to factory specs, or to more aggressive settings for high-performance applications. Made from billet aluminum, Razor’s Edge Motorsports’ adjustable control arms are lightweight and strong and solve the fixed-control arms-and-bushings problem that plagues late-model Mopar LX platform vehicles.

Get it: Razor’s Edge Motorsports • 954/788-2348 •

Department of We Messed Up

In our March issue, we showed you this great new K-frame from QA1 to fit an A-Body. We inadvertently gave out the wrong phone number, so here is the information again. This time, though, it’s correct: Got an A-Body, and you want to swap in a small-block or big-block, and don’t want to use that beat-up factory K-member (or what’s left of it)? QA1’s got you covered with their new tubular A-Body K-member, the latest in their line of newly re-engineered Mopar parts. Thanks to its modern-tech design and construction, it drastically increases strength without adding any more weight to your A-Body’s front end. It fits a factory steering box if you need more room for headers and oil pans while cleaning up your engine bay, plus it comes with motor mount attachment points that accept factory and aftermarket motor mounts. Proudly made in the U.S.A., it’ll work with either an LA or a B/RB engine...which means if you want to swap one for the other later, you can re-use this same K-member. (No more chasing down engine-specific K-members.)

Get It: QA1 Precision Products • 800/721-7761 •

No More @%$#&!

We’re not going to use the words that get used when you try to remove a bolt that’s really on tight, thanks to age, dissimilar metal corrosion, and other frustration-building issues. We’ll use this word instead: Promech. As in Promech Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating Oil. It’s faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized bolts, nuts, and hardware than anything currently available—retail or industrial. It “fizzes” corrosion out, and can creep-and-climb into seized fasteners—a huge plus when you’re working in an inverted position. Promech is especially good on galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals, like the seizing of a steel bolt in an aluminum block. Or, like those nasty water neck bolts in your aluminum intake. With it, there’s no need to risk trashing rare parts by torching off old bolts.

Get It: Promech •