Aluminate Your Cooling System

When is the best time to replace your old radiator? How about now, with Be Cool’s new direct-fit Aluminator radiators and fan modules. Aluminator crossflow radiators feature dual 1-inch cores, folded and tapered tanks, billet filler neck, OE inlets and outlets, and fully-welded epoxy-free construction. Fan modules include Euro-Black fans, aluminum mounting brackets and hardware, vented aluminum recovery tank, billet aluminum Be Cool signature pressure cap, wiring harness, temp control sending unit, and 40 amp relays. There are 16 specific Mopar applications, including A/B/E-Bodies and ’72-’93 pickups/SUVs—all direct-fit conversions rated for 400- to 700-horsepower applications, pressure tested, and backed by a limited one-year warranty—two years if you use Be Coolant Super Duty Antifreeze. Aluminators start at just $319.95 for the radiator for manual-transmission cars and trucks, and $419.95 for automatics, which includes an internal, seven-plate heavy-duty fluid cooler, with complete radiator/fan modules—as seen here—just $749.95 (manual) and $849.95 (automatics).

Get It: Be Cool • 800/691-2667 •

20-Inch Rallyes

Another classic wheel design getting the modern treatment is the Mopar Rallye wheel, thanks to Circle Racing Wheels. They now offer Rallyes in 20x8-inch and 20x9½-inch sizes, available with your choice of three bolt patterns—5 on 41⁄2-inch, 5 on 115 mm, and 5 on 100 mm—with standard backspacing that varies with wheel size. These built-to-order aluminum wheels come fully polished, and you can use factory Mopar lug nuts with them. (Accessories such as center caps, trim rings, and lug nuts are not included.) They’re also a great look for anyone who wants the classic Rallye road wheel styling in a size to fit a modern Mopar—we’re thinking Challengers, especially—a Durango, or a Ram pickup.

Get It: Circle Racing Wheels • 559/251-1127 •

Department of Corrections

In our March issue, we brought you the word about MBM’s new reproduction Bendix-style power brake booster (part number PB8536). Unfortunately, a typo got the booster’s price wrong, showing it as under $230. That booster, the ideal replacement for that worn-out Bendix-style in your B51-optioned E-Body or ’60s/’70s-vintage B-Body, is priced at $299. (With it, MBM supplies specific mounting hardware and firewall plates, once you let them know the year, make, and model your Mopar is when you order.)

We sincerely regret the error.

Get It: MBM • 800/231-4125 •

Keep The Elements Out

Vent window seals play a vital role in reducing wind noise, while keeping the weather out of your car. But when they get old, they grow hard and crack and no longer function properly. (And you know how annoying that wind whistle is when you drive down the road.) Replace those worn-out seals on your ’67-’72 A-Body hardtop with Metro Moulded Parts’ highly-detailed reproductions. Made as exact replacements to your old ones, they’ll install easily while their new-tech material stays softer longer, keeping the elements (and wind noise) out. They’re available for your ’67-’72 Dart 270, Dart GT, Dart GTS, Swinger, Swinger 340, Swinger Special, Dart Custom, or Valiant Scamp hardtop, and they’ll also fit your ’67-’69 Plymouth Barracuda, too—fastback, notchback, or convertible.

Get It: Metro Moulded Parts • 800/878-2237 •

Discs For Your 8¾

Still running rear drum brakes on your classic Mopar’s 8¾ rear end? Check out Performance Online’s new disc brake conversion kit for 8¾ rear ends, built for the performance level you expect from your classic Mopar. These kits come standard with all you see here—including emergency brake calipers, powdercoated brackets, and bendable axlehousing lines. As with all of Performance Online’s brake conversions, cross-drilled and slotted rotors, as well as stainless steel brake hoses, are also available.

Get it: Performance Online, Inc. • 800/638-1703 •

Your Six-Speed Ram Turbo Diesel Needs This

Got an ’05-’12 RAM pickup with a big-power 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins Turbo Diesel and a six-speed? Are you worried that your stock clutch may not handle daily hauling/towing loads (or weekend dyno days) much longer? Centerforce’s latest Dual Friction clutch is what your Ram needs. It comes complete with what you see here: clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, hydraulic slave cylinder, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, alignment tool, and all needed installation hardware. Features include carbon composite (segmented) facing on both sides of the disc, for a positive engagement and increased holding capacity. The pressure plate is made with patented processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics and outstanding holding capacity and durability.

Get It: Centerforce • 928/771-8422 •