Got an old TorqueFlite that’s in need of a rebuild? You need SMR’s modular transmission kit. SMR puts nothing but quality components in each kit. All parts are blueprinted and precision-assembled into subassembly modules, for a professional transmission buildup. Each component is fully machined and polished, with new bushings and shims and all clearances adjusted for optimum performance. All seal rings, seals, frictions, and bands are superior grade North American quality components, and each component module is fully tested to assure that your new transmission will perform to the max when the job’s done. Simply exchange the internal components from your old Torqueflite with the two major preassembled modules (three on A500/A518 overdrive models), adjust the endplay and bands, install the precision valvebody and pan supplied, and you’ve just built a professional quality transmission. (Note: The A500/518 Module Kit includes a completely assembled overdrive section.) Regular hand tools, a brake hone, a dial indicator, and your time are all you’ll need to complete your own transmission, and SMR’s detailed instructions will guide you through each step.

Get it: SMR TRANSMISSIONS AND CONVERTERS • 888/846-6603 • www.smrtrans.com


We’re talking about the brilliant shine that new stainless steel windshield moldings can add to your ’68-’76 A-Body, especially if those moldings are the new ones from Auto Metal Direct. Stamped on AMD’s own new steel tools, these new moldings (PN 385-2067-S) fit correctly and look beautiful once installed. Made from premium-quality stainless steel for life-long beautiful appearance, these moldings will also fit ’67 Darts and Barracudas, if you add ’68-up style clips and screw-in studs.

Get it: AUTO METAL DIRECT • 866/591-8309 • www.autometaldirect.com


Got a ’68-’70 B-Body, and you want to replace the OEM horizontal speedometer and idiot-light cluster with real gauges? Or, do you have a same-vintage one with the A62 Rallye dash that you want to restore or update? Check out Classic Thunder Road’s new three-piece door-to-door instrument panel that’s a reproduction of the one in your ’68-’70 GTX, Charger, Coronet R/T, Superbee, ’70 Road Runner or Superbird. Developed as direct replacements for the originals, they’re made of high quality ABS composite, they come in your choice of matte black, brushed aluminum, or carbon fiber finishes, and they’re available with or without gauges and a wiring harness. They’ll accept Auto Meter’s 33⁄8-inch diameter speedometer and tachometer, and their 21⁄16-inch water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and volt meter gauges...doing away with your existing idiot lights or worn-out OEM gauges for good.

Get it: CLASSIC THUNDER ROAD • 866/882-3525 • www.classicthunderroad.com, www.classicdash.com


Looking for a correct 402 or 547 oil pan for your B/RB or 426 Hemi? Look no farther than Mancini Racing’s reproduction oil pans for your big-power B/E-Body. They’re made from high-quality steel and feature the same internal baffles, stampings, and drain plug as found on the originals. They’re also E-coated to prevent corrosion and promote paint adhesion. Mancini’s “402” oil pan (PN MRE500742) fits ’66-’69 B-Bodies with 361, 383, or 440 engines, and 383-equipped ’70-’71 E-Bodies, while their 547 pan (PN MRE5007547) fits all ’66-’69 B-Body 426 Hemis. Both oil pans are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Get it: MANCINI RACING • 800/843-2821 • www.manciniracing.com


There’s one thing wrong with a lot of performance exhaust systems—they can drone at highway speeds, making conversation, listening to your sound system, or even thinking difficult. That’s why DynoMax came up with these new cat-back systems for the ’09-’12 Challenger R/T and ’08-’12 6.1 and 6.4 Challenger SRT8. Thanks to their exclusive DynoMax VT muffler and its precisely calibrated, patented internal valve, you get maximum performance (as much as 10 hp on the R/T and 23 hp on the SRT8), and a drone-free cabin. Each system includes high-quality three-inch 409-grade stainless steel, OE-grade, mandrel-bent pipes; a high-flow X-pipe; and a pair of 4x7-inch buffed and polished tips complete with a show-stopping, embossed DynoMax logo. All necessary hangers, band clamps, and hardware is included in each kit, along with handy, full-color guides for fast, easy installations, and they’re backed by a limited-lifetime warranty and a 90-day performance guarantee.

Get It: DYNOMAX • 734/384-7806 • www.dynomax.com


What’s one sure way to make your transmission last longer? Keep its fluid cool...just like Perma-Cool’s new Maxi-Cool Junior transmission oil coolers do. They provide optimum cooling in a compact design, featuring 3⁄4-inch-thick coils and patented Turbulator heat sinks that produce BTU transfer rates other coolers twice their size can’t match. The electric fan module flows approximately 2,400 cfm at just 4.7 amps. All Maxi-Cool Juniors are flushable, never need replacing, and their coils are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Perfect for cars with high stall speed converters and/or transmission brakes, they’re available in four sizes, with –6 AN male tube ends and AN-to-11⁄32-inch hose barb fittings, to allow for your choice of installation.

Get it: PERMA-COOL • 909/391-3000 • www.perma-cool.com